CouchTuner Movies – Top Alternative Websites & Streaming Services

If you are looking for an app to listen to music, enjoy the best TV shows, and watch movies, you can make use of Couchtuner. Couchtuner is regarded as the go-to app for individuals that want to have unlimited access to movies, television programs, and music. On this app, all you need to do is make use of the search box to locate whatever content you need. Also, if you are a first-time user of this app, you can look through the URL for the list of available programs. To watch any available show or movie, simply click on its link and you will be able to enjoy it. On Couchtuner, you can view videos that come with great sounds and also high quality. Although this website is a great place to get yourself entertained, it is not free from flaws. It is not a website that functions legally. Due to this, there are episodes of some series that might not be displayed. Also, it is only available to people in certain regions.

If you have been making use of Couchtuner for a fairly long while and are looking to make use of something similar but without the flaws associated with Couchtuner, you are on the right page. There are lots of apps like Couchtuner which offer you a good level of entertainment.

That said, below are some Couchtuner alternatives which you might want to check out.


On Alluc, you can watch some of the most interesting television shows by simply typing their names in its search engine. You can either decide to download movies and television shows from this site or stream them if you want to watch them immediately you spot them.

As soon as you search for a particular content through the search bar of Alluc, you can have access to all the links on which stream or download such contents.

Alluc is not just an alternative to Couchtuner, it is a great alternative as it features simple navigation, amazing user experience, a large database, and good quality videos and sound.


If you are looking for a website where you can watch some of the most popular television shows, Cucirca is one. On this site, you cannot watch any movies as its only focus is on television shows. Although Cucirca does not offer movies, it is still a worthy alternative to Couchtuner. Now, the fact that this site is dedicated to just television shows makes it the go-to site if all you are interested in is television shows.

To watch television shows on Cucirla, you do not need to register. However, if you want to be aware of any updates on Cucirca, it is best to register.


TUBI TV is one of the many alternatives to Couchtuner. On this site, you are guaranteed to have an experience that you will not forget in a hurry.

Tubi TV functions in a way that is slightly different from how Couchtuner functions. Couchtuner allows you to stream or download any movie or television program of your choice without any need to register. All you simply need to do is log on to its website or make use of its app. Tubi TV, on the other hand, requires you to register before you can enjoy all that it has to offer. As a matter of fact, before registering, you might not have an idea of all that this site has to offer. But, as soon as you register, you are exposed to a large library of classic movies. Once registered, you do not need to pay a fee to stream the contents on Tubi TV. If you are looking to enjoy movies which fall under Comedy, Horror, and Action, this site is one of the best places to locate them.

While TUBI TV is an amazing site to download movies from, you might not be able to get some of the most recent releases on it because you do not have to pay any amount.


The name of this site is an indication of the fact that it is a great site for people that want to watch movies. If you are looking for an alternative to Couchtuner, you can rely on Popcornflix. This app can be used on both IOS and Android devices. On this app, you can have access to lots of television shows, as well as movies right from your phone. Whatever movie you want to watch can be located easily as the movies on this app are arranged according to their genres.

While Popcornflix has a lot in common with Couchtuner, it stands out from Couchtuner because it is relatively faster.

Movie 4 U

Just as its name states, Movie 4 U is a great site for watching movies and also a good alternative to Couchtuner for all movie lovers. This site is an amazing site for streaming movies and one that movie lovers will enjoy streaming movies on. It is very organized and is, therefore, user-friendly. Beyond just being able to have access to movies, on this site, you can have access to recent movies. Some of the genres you can enjoy on Movie 4 U are crime, drama, show, action, etc.

Although Movie 4 U is a great place for everyone that loves watching movies to stream any movie of their choice, it is particularly good for people that are novices to the online streaming of movies.


Putlocker is a movie streaming site that has been in existence for quite a while. If you have been streaming movies from an online platform for a couple of years, chances are you already know about Putlocker.

On Putlocker, you can enjoy movies, as well as TV shows. You do not have to limit yourself to Hollywood movies when on this site as it also has a large store of movies from Thailand, India, Taiwan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan. While it is amazing how this site makes it possible for movie lovers to enjoy movies from all over the world, there is more to this site. On Putlocker, you do not need to be very internet savvy to download movies as it is a very user-friendly site. On this site is a search bar which makes it easy to locate a movie you want to watch by simply searching for it.

That’s not all. On Putlocker, you can enjoy an amazing download speed and stream movies without any break.

Café Movies

If you are searching for a site that has all its content organized, Café Movies is that site. This site is one that has a clear interface and makes it easy for anyone to locate a movie of their choice without having to through any form of struggle.

On Café movies, you do not have to pay a fee before you can enjoy all that it has to offer. All you need to do is signup and then go on and watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

While Café Movies has a lot in common with Couchtuner, it stands out in a major way. On this site, you can enjoy television shows in various languages.

Movie Watcher

To make use of Movie Watcher, the first thing you need to do is get registered. The fact that you have to register before making use of this site is one way it differs from Couchtuner.

On Movie Watcher, you can stream television programs and movies. You can also download them if your aim is to watch these movies and TV shows when it is more convenient for you.

With movie watcher, you can stream HD videos very easily as this site is user-friendly and can easily be navigated. So, if you think you want a site for streaming movies other than Couchtuner, you can give movie watcher a try.


On PrimeWire, you can watch various movies and television shows without the need to download them. This site features movies of various categories and is very user-friendly.

Select TV

Select movie is famous as a site where movie lovers can watch some of their favorite movies and enjoy amazing television shows. Although famous for movies, this site offers a lot more than just movies and television shows. It is a site where gamers can play some amazing games. That’s not all. If you love listening to radio stations, you can do so on this site.

Averagely, you can enjoy the large library of contents on Select TV for free. But, if you need to watch certain selected programs, you will need to pay a token of $2 on a yearly basis. While this is definitely a small fee, it is nothing when compared to the services that you can enjoy on this site.

Watch Episode

From the name of this site, you can tell what it is all about. If you assume “Watch Episode is a site for people that are interested in watching television series, you are absolutely right. On this site, you can enjoy some of the most amazing television series. Ranging from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, Watch Episode has everything you need to enjoy television. Amazingly, the many interesting television contents on this site can be enjoyed without the need to pay any fee. That’s not all. You do not even have to register before enjoying all that this site has to offer.

One more thing about Watch Episode is it is user-friendly and is regularly updated and maintained.


The Dare TV is no doubt a great option for people that do not want to make use of only Couchtuner when they need to watch movies. In addition to being a good option for movie lovers from all around the world, it is considered one of the most trusted online streaming sites at the moment. Although it is a site just like Couchtuner. Unlike Couchtuner, it is not focused on movies. It pays more attention to television shows. There are really no videos on this site. What it actually does is it directs its visitors to websites where videos are hosted.

To get the best from this site, you do not need to sign up. Furthermore, there are no fees attached to making use of this site.

While Dare TV is a lot like other sites for downloading and streaming movies, it differs in a number of ways. Featured on DareTV are categories such as ‘Recently added TV shows’ and “recently added movies”. On these categories, you do not have to stream. You can download whatever recent movie you come across and watch at your convenience.

That’s not all about The Dare TV. On The Dare TV, you can enjoy live sports programs.

Series Online

Series online is a site for streaming and downloading television series. Although more popularly known as a site for the download and the streaming of movies, Series Online is a lot more than a site for downloading and streaming series. It is also a site where you can stream and download your favorite movies. On this site, you are not limited to just one genre of movies, you can enjoy various genres like horror, crime, comedy, action, etc.

This site is one that can be accessed by people from various parts of the world. Furthermore, you do not have to register to enjoy all that this site has to offer.

Series Cravings

From the name of this site, you already have an idea of what it is all about. On this site, you can get the best of television shows and television series. Also, Series cravings gets updated very frequently. This implies that you can always enjoy the latest series, as well as enjoy the latest episodes of your most-loved series.

So, if you have a huge interest in television series, then Series cravings is one site that you can make use of as a worthy alternative to Couchtuner.

Watch Series

Watch series is a site for streaming movies. It is a reliable site and a trusted alternative to Couchtuner. Also, this site is one that has been available for long and is very user-friendly.